We know that opportunities vary for students depending on your legal status, income, and academic level.

We believe that there should be a level playing field for everyone and to achieve this, we must do our part.

As we have seen in the past, segregation, discrimination, rights for workers and many other struggles have been won when common people affected by these issues come together to protest, strategize, confront those in power and create change.

We hope that you will join our movement and be part of the changes that we want to see, to create a more level playing field!

What you can do today

Join YES!

  • The dues of your membership go to help sustain the organization for the people by the people and together we can continue the efforts to organize our community, provide services and be there for one another.

Start a YES chapter at your high school or college

  • Develop your leadership skills and use your talents to organize students on campus.
  • Check if there is a chapter at your school already
  • Contact the YES Organizers at yesorganizer@vdlf.org for more information

Come to our weekly meetings

  • Tuesdays at 3:00pm via Zoom in Milwaukee
  • Wednesdays at 3:00pm via Zoom in Racine
  • Involve your parents
  • We hope that you will be empowered on your journey toward higher education and share the knowledge you learn along the way with your family, friends, neighbors, or anyone who might need it.