There are a few basic steps to consider as you prepare yourself for college:

  • Take ACT or SAT in high school and check with the colleges/universities where you will be applying to see which scores they require
  • Take practice ACT or SAT tests!
  • Talk to your parents about which colleges you want to apply to, and remember that there are application fees to submit most college/university applications, do your research before you sit them down so that they know what to budget for!
  • Identify what field interests you (which major) or go in as undecided and make the determination in your first year or two.
  • Not sure how to start the process? Sign up for a mentor! We have a network of students and recent graduates who have gone through this process and can meet with you or stay in touch on occasion to help you through this.
  • Get good grades, stay out of trouble…sounds corny but this can have a serious impact on your future, eligibility for college and financial aid.

How to pay for school:

If you were born in the United States or were naturalized (through your parents or your own process) you qualify for the following financial aid options:

  • FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Private Scholarships
  • Loans (federal and private)